Organization: Rural Medical Services, Inc. (RMS) – Newport, Tennessee.

Population Served: Federal Poverty Levels of RMS patients are as follows: <100% 6388, 101-150% 1226, 151-200% 508, > 200% 841, Unknown 502.

Grant Type: Marketing Video Grant.

Project Goal: RMS provides family-focused maternity care(among other services),- however, their maternity service is often overlooked by the community. With maternity care provided by RMS going overlooked from expecting families, this can cause these patients to leave the county for care and delivery.

The marketing video provided by Capture Cares will be used as promotional material to educate the community about the benefits and opportunities of maternity care at RMS.

How 340B impacts their community: RMS has seen first-hand how 340B can improve patient wellbeing. One example was a diabetic patient whos A1C dropped from 14.4 to 6.8 after 340B lowered the price of his medications to an affordable level – resulting in medication adherence. When asked why he previously wasn’t taking his medications, his answer was – “I couldn’t afford them”. 340B gave this patient his health back.

Capture Cares is committed to continuing with its efforts to enable the missions of covered entities.