Organization: Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc. (AAPHC) – Southwest Georgia.

Population Served: AAPHC offers services to all residents of their service area, regardless of language, gender, socio-economic status, physical and mental capacity, age, religion, housing status, and ability to pay.

Project Title: Medication Adherence Coordination.

Grant Type: Medication Adherence Grant.

Problem: Patients in South Georgia regularly fail to obtain prescribed medications for treatment. Failure to follow treatment plans, particularly with prescribed medications, causes continued health concerns for patients that worsens their negative health status.

Solution: AAPHC will be utilizing its grant funds to establish a Medication Adherence program and to finance an employee responsible for patient consultations for prescription services. Acting as a liaison between the patient and facility, this Coordinator will serve to resolve medication barriers for patients, such as facilitating delivery in case transportation is an issue.

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